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You know, I'm curious. I'm a single lesbian. Presumably, if you are reading this, you're a single lesbian too (or perhaps you want to be or you know someone who is!). As a relationship coach serving the lesbian community and, as someone who has spent most of her adult life NOT single, I find living successfully as a single lesbian (sans a partner) challenging. And yet, I know living happily single is one of the keys to 'holding out' until I find the woman I can build a great relationship with, so I'm running a survey to shed greater light on this mystery...


Just take a minute and email me today, put in the subject line: happy singles


what is your biggest challenge living successfully as a single lesbian?

I'll be posting results of my survey right here on this blog!

Recently, while talking with fellow coaches at a business mastermind meeting, one member suggested I write publicly about my life as a single lesbian, including most definitely, my experiences dating.  At first I hesitated - I suspect my ego kicked in - why in the world would I want to open up my life to the masses?  However, after considering the idea for a month or so, I've come full circle:  I am now of the opinion that such a record - writing about my life as a single, 45 year old lesbian living in rural America in the year 2007 - makes perfect sense! I enjoy lesbian "adult" sites like Gay Sex or lesbian nipples. I found them at lesbian porn section of rabbits reviews. 

Strong, visible, and yet, REAL, single Live Cam Girls lesbians like myself thirst for a 'down-to-earth' voice (and place) on the web to call home.  The rest of the world also needs to better understand what it's like living as a gay or lesbian single person.  My Single Lesbian Life will focus on helping single lesbians directly and indirectly by building a better rapport with non-single lesbians.

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